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This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Mamadou Johnson who was born in New York on 29 November, 1972 and passed away on 29 April, 2012 at the age of 39. We will remember him forever. And he is with us forever.

He will not only live on in our memories, but also in the bodies of five lucky people who received his organs.

We appreciate you helping to keep his memory alive by sharing your memories, videos, pictures and love of Mamadou here.
Please feel free to forward this site on to anyone who knew and loves Mamadou.

We are deeply grateful for the donations towards Mamadou's memorial service and general expenses. Any further donations will go towards the continued effort to retrieve Dou's belonging's from the USVI, where he was living and tie up his affairs, hospital and legal fees, etc.

You can donate here:

Our mailing address in NYC is:
The Johnson Family
P.O. Box 2484
Harlem, NY 10027

Thank you so much.
Tributes and Condolences
Shining star   / Tex Wilson (Fellow Penn Pole Vaulter )
Dou- I knew when you showed up on the team you would be a high flyer. But your kind spirit was far greater than your incredible skill. Rest in peace.
Always in my heart   / Zoila Brown (friend always/ short time girlfriend 91/92 )
Dear Mamadou,
It's funny how life is... when we met in 91, during the Empire State games, I was smitten by this young gentleman :-)... we tried a relationship but the distance between Albany and Pennsylvania, and our obligations to college cause...  Continue >>
Condolences  / Howard Levine (Old Friend of Carl )
My heartfelt condolences to the Johnson family.  As from time to time I search Google to keep up with the accomplishments of people who have touched me, whom I've admired, from whom I've expected big things, and with whom I've lost contact over ...  Continue >>
You will be missed   / Kwesi Edwards (Friend and College Alum )
M, Thank you for picking me up at 30th street station. A scared kid ready to become a man at Penn. your are why I chose that school that set me up for such success in life! You were a leader a mentor and a friend you will be missed. You wer...  Continue >>
Jam On   / Sam Z. (Friend)
Wow, what do I say.  Waiting for my laundry to finish at the laundromat the otherday and I just happened to open up the the obituaries and it sunk me down.

I moved to the VI on St. Croix at the beginning of this year. Being a young...  Continue >>
My condolenses  / Ruthfania Gabriel (good friend )    Read >>
u will be deeply missed  / Pier Cecelia Morton (cousin)    Read >>
HAIKU FOR MAMADOU  / Tracey E. Archer (Cousin)    Read >>
Dearest Friend  / Brielle Thompson (Dearest Friend )    Read >>
The Bodyguard  / Lidia Clarke     Read >>
To the loving parents  / Stefanie Steele (family friend )    Read >>
Dear Mamadou  / Aisha DaCosta (cousin)    Read >>
Another Angel.....One like no other  / Rhonda B. (Friend)    Read >>
“Mamadou – Forever, For Always”  / Jose DaCosta (Uncle Sonny )    Read >>
my old long and distant friend  / Heather Wood (friend)    Read >>
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